Dr. Griffin recommends that your horse have a dental evaluation once a year. Most horses can benefit from having their teeth floated once a year.

As a horse owner or someone who works with horses, it is important to be able to recognize signs of dental pathology, so that your horse is able to eat and work comfortably. Some of the clinical signs your horse may show when they have a dental problem include reluctance to eat, pain while chewing, dropping food, quidding, and excess salivation. Occasionally they may have swelling to the jaw, a foul odor to their breath and nasal drainage. These signs may indicate a tooth root infection. If you see any of these signs your horse should be evaluated by your veterinarian.

During your horse’s dental evaluation, Dr. Griffin will need to sedate your horse in order to perform the exam and floating. As you can see in the picture above he uses a portable stock and power equipment to perform equine dentistry. The combination of sedation and the stock make the procedure less stressful for your horse and easier on the veterinarian. It also allows for a more thorough evaluation and floating than traditional methods.

Dental health is very important for good horse health and wellness. Be sure to have Dr. Griffin check your horse’s teeth once a year, and do not hesitate to call at (618) 942-4242 if any problems arise between scheduled appointments.