Horses can encounter health issues just as all of us can. Fortunately, the great majority of these issues can be evaluated and treated by your equine veterinarian; Dr. Griffin can provide that kind of care.

Vaccinations, Dental Care and More for Your Equine Animals

Dr. Griffin recommends, as does the AAEP, a group of core vaccines. In addition to the core vaccines of Eastern/Western Encephalomyelitis, Rabies,Tetanus, and West Nile Virus, Dr. Griffin also recommends vaccinating for Herpes (Rhino) and Influenza.

Horses’ teeth also require regular evaluation and treatment. Dr. Griffin recommends annual dental evaluation and floating on most all horses in his practice.

Dr. Griffin also recommends that your horse be regularly evaluated for internal parasites and be de-wormed accordingly.

If you have any questions regarding general health services, please call today at (618) 942-4242.